Friday 16 November 2012

Indian block print fabric: Organic cotton fabric by DesiCrafts

Organic Indian block print fabrics from DesiCrafts

DesiCrafts is an Indian shop located in New Delhi India. DesiCrafts was founded in 2008 with an aim to provide best quality organic cotton block prints to the world. DesiCrafts specializes in organic cotton block print fabrics. We also offer some really good Jewelry and craft supplies from our online store .

What is organic block-print cotton fabric:  

 Organic cotton fabrics are the fabrics obtained from environment friendly means such as Bamboo yarn, silk worm cocoon, hemp and banana yarn. All these are cultivated in fields to produce not only fine quality edibles but also used in producing different organic yarns meeting the quality standard set by the Organic Trade Association. Organic cotton is one of the most popular types of cotton fabric. The fabric is usually made of bamboo yarn, hemp yarn, woven in machines or hand loom.

To make the organic cotton fabric, bamboo yarn and hemp yarn is produced from the cultivation of bamboo and hemp plant. To produce the organic yarn, it takes just sun light and soil and a little bit of water. No pesticide or fertilizers should be used to grow organic or bio-degradable yarn.
Popularity and uses: 
The organic cotton fabric is very popular in west and gradually gaining popularity in eastern countries. Organic cotton is totally different from the fabric produced by nylon or any other synthetic yarn such as polyester or plastic. All organic fabrics are bio-degradable and are best suited for making baby nursery, clothes that come in direct touch with skin such as underwear and lingerie.

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  2. Please let e know per mts. price of the block printed fabrics and also how can we order

  3. Hello! Prices are mentioned on the website. You can order online.